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No two roof cleaning jobs are exactly the same. All-Serv safely cleans most residential roofs, including composite shingle, cedar shake, metal, concrete, clay tile, rubber, TPO membrane and torch down. If it’s flat, steep, small or big, we can most likely clean it. When cleaning any roof—safety is the number one priority. All-Serv uses the most advanced safety and staging systems to do the job right. If you are considering any roof cleaning company, please make sure they are licensed, bonded, carry workman’s compensation and follow all safety guidelines set by OSHA. All-Serv can provide copies of all above items. All-Serv can safely handle all your residential roof cleaning needs.
Before any roof cleaning job, the roof must be cleared of all debris. All-Serv can clear all needles, leaves, limbs, twigs or dead organic material from your roof. Keeping a roof clear of debris is highly important to maintain proper drainage and prevent damage. Composition roofs need to breathe and should be cleared and inspected at least once a year. All-Serv can clear and inspect your roof annually or more frequently, if needed.
Fiberglass composition is the most common roofing choice in the Pacific Northwest for residential homes and comes in a variety of colors and styles.
Over time and depending on location, composition shingle roofs are highly prone to organic infestation such as moss, mold, lichen, and algae. The most important thing to know is that all these organic infestations are completely preventable. Composition roofs are the easiest roofs to maintain and least likely to get proper maintenance. Homeowners have a tendency to wait till they can visually see moss or algae before they decide to do something. Benjamin Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This statement is so true when it comes to composition roofing material. All-Serv can apply a treatment once a year to your roof to prevent the growth of moss, mold, mildew, lichens, and algae.

If your composition roof has not been properly maintained and moss, mold, lichens, and algae are growing—All-Serv can help. WARNING: DON’T EVER PRESSURE WASH A FIBERGLASS COMPOSITION ROOF! Doing so will permanently damage the roof. All-Serv hand cleans the moss from your composition roof. This process is very labor intensive, but has the best results. It’s essentially like shaving the moss from your roof. Depending on the type of moss you have on your roof, age and condition will determine how much we can safely remove. Once the majority of the moss is removed from your roof an All-Serv crew can start the soft wash process.

Once the roof is cleared of debris and moss is hand cleaned an All-Serv crew can begin to soft wash the roof. Soft washing a roof is simply an application of a formulated liquid roof cleaner to your roof at low pressure, approximately 60 psi with a fan type of tip. It’s impossible to cause any damage to a roof with this low of pressure. The roof cleaning solution is applied thick and heavy an average single story 2000 square ft home generally takes around 100 gallons of cleaner. Two coats are sometimes needed with heavily algae infested roofs. The roof cleaning solution is not rinsed off since it dries clear. Leaving the solution on the roof not only immediately cleans the roof but prevents future growth. This process is more like a roof restoration process. All-Serv will have your fiberglass composition roof looking like new and can set you up on a maintenance plan to keep it that way.
METAL ROOFING comes in a variety of colors and types. Most here in the Pacific Northwest is a seamed locked type material. All-Serv cleans any type of metal roof. Even though some metal roofs can be pressure washed, we generally soft wash these roofs. If metal roofs are faded or oxidized, pressure washing can leave streaks or discoloration. Soft Washing a metal roof is an application of a formulated cleaner followed by scrubbing with a soft brush then a rinse to remove it. Rinsing the cleaner is so important; think of a car’s paint surfaces, you wouldn’t want the soap to dry on a car. Because we are dealing with such a large area that needs to be rinsed, a truck mount-high volume machine with its own water supply is invaluable. Rinsing with standard a water hose or pressure washer won’t work. Please make sure if you are considering having someone clean your metal roof that not only do they have the proper equipment and knowledge but most importantly safety gear. Wet metal roofs are extremely slippery and the utmost safety procedures must be followed. All-Serv can safely clean most metal roofs, even if they’re steep.
Cedar shake roofs aren’t as common as they once were. Cedar shakes can look absolutely beautiful or extremely ugly, depending on what condition they are in. Cedar shake roofs are relatively resistant to rot, but not keeping them clean will greatly reduce their life dramatically. Providing that your cedar shake roof is in fair condition, All-Serv can soft wash these roofs. Soft washing combined with brightening ingredients can be one of the most rewarding cleaning services we provide. The roofs can sometimes be restored to a like new condition.
These are normally a somewhat flat roof that tend to grow green algae or accumulate pollen and occasional some lichens. Keeping these roofs and downspouts clear of debris is extremely important because water can pool, and the weight of the water could even collapse the roof or cause other damage. Soft washing these roofs is the only method that should ever be performed because of their delicate nature. All-Serv can clean all types of membrane or torch down type of roofs.

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