Moss Control and Beyond with All-Serv

Choose All Serv For comprehensive moss, algae, and lichen control across Whidbey Island, San Juan, and Skagit County, turn to All Serv. We're committed to keeping roofs in top condition, offering unparalleled service and expertise in moss control and roof maintenance. Secure your home’s defenses against moss and algae with All Serv’s proven treatments and solutions!

Challenges in the Pacific Northwest

From the shores of Whidbey Island to the communities in San Juan and Skagit counties, roofs confront the moist climate typical of the Pacific Northwest. This environment can accelerate the growth of moss, algae, and lichen, presenting persistent challenges for roof maintenance and moss control.

 Moss Control Guarantee:

Our dedication to your roof's health after a soft wash is backed by a five-year moss control guarantee. Regular moss control treatments come with a one-year guarantee. Trust in our treatments for lasting protection and your peace of mind, safeguarding your home against potential costly repairs and cleanings due to unchecked moss and algae growth.

Understanding Moss:

We address various moss types, such as the commonly seen green haircap moss (Bryum capillare) and the grayish hoary fringe moss (Racomitrium canescens). Taking a proactive approach to moss control can save homeowners from costly roof repairs and cleaning, preserving the integrity and longevity of your roofing system.

Tackling Algae and Lichen Roofs

are also susceptible to algae like the black-streaking Gloeocapsa magma and lichens like the hanging Usnea. Our treatments effectively counter these challenges, providing comprehensive protection against a range of roof-dwelling organisms.

Optimal Debris Management

Maintaining a clean roof is crucial to prevent the accumulation of leaves, pine needles, and other natural detritus, which can become breeding grounds for unwanted growth. Our services ensure your roof remains free from such debris, mitigating the risk of moss and algae establishment.

The Concern of Overhanging Limbs

While overhanging tree limbs can exacerbate moss build-up by providing shade and trapping moisture, our primary expertise lies in moss and debris management. We offer minor limb removal to reduce moss and algae growth, enhancing your roof’s overall health and longevity.

Environmental Consideration

Choosing the right moss treatment is crucial not only for roof longevity but also for environmental preservation. At All Serv, we prioritize using eco-friendly methods and solutions that are effective for moss control while being considerate of our precious environment and local waterways.

Areas We Proudly Serve

Whidbey Island

Fidalgo Island

Camano Island

San Juan Islands

Greater Skagit Valley

Whatcom County

Northern Snohomish County

Mossy Humor from Our Mascot, Captain Clean:

"Wow, folks, Captain Clean is on the scene! Today, we're diving into the world of moss control. Moss, that sly green troublemaker, thinks it can just waltz in and set up camp. Well, not on our shift, friends! We're in the business of telling nature who's boss, and we don't serve tea to trespassers. As my good buddy Ben Franklin once said, 'An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.' So, let's charge into battle against this green sneakster and keep your roof cleaner than a hospital operating room.

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