Providing Soft Wash
Your Home’s Exterior

Does your home exterior have mildew, mold, algae dirt, grime, fungus, bugs, or insect nests? These things can destroy the appearance and eventually cause paint and wood rot damage. Pressure washing the exterior of the home is not the correct way to wash a house. High pressure cleaning can damage paint, wood, and all types of siding, such as Hardi, vinyl, aluminum, metal, wood, stucco, cedar, etc. Windows, window seals, flashing, and trim can also be damaged by the high pressure. The pressure washing method also requires the operator to maintain a gun distance between approximately 6 and 24 inches away from the surface being cleaned. This is really dangerous especially with both heights and ladders. Using both hands to hold a 3500 PSI pressure washing gun while on a 20 ft ladder is absolutely insane and illegal by OSHA standards. Surfaces such as concrete, brick, and solid masonry like driveways, sidewalks, brick walls can be pressure washed. All-Serv can properly soft wash your home without the damage that pressure washing can cause. WHAT IS SOFT WASHING? Simply put, soft washing is an application of a formulated cleaner that is applied to a surface at low pressure, around 60psi. The cleaner dwells on the surfaces and might require some light scrubbing with a soft brush, similar to a car washing brush. The surface is then rinsed off with water that comes from a tank in an All-Serv truck at low pressure and high volume. The soft high volume rinse is like a gentle shower for your home. The formulated cleaner is biodegradable and safe for plants and pets. After the home is soft washed—windows are cleaned and delicate surfaces such as urethane finished wood and trim are dried and detailed. All-Serv always pays attention to detail and a final walk around with the customer is done at the end of every house we soft wash.
Some surfaces such as glass and windows require a spot-free rinse. All-Serv makes its own deionized water onboard our trucks. Your glass and windows will look great and stay cleaner longer.
Pressure washing is not effective at killing moss, mold, mildew, and algae. The spores and roots are still embedded into the surfaces. What is happening to most homes in The Pacific Northwest is an infestation of organic growth caused by our weather and environment. If you live in a wooded or shaded area, the infestation will be worse. Soft washing not only cleans, but eliminates and inhibits any immediate future growth. All-Serv’s soft washing process will keep your home clean longer and better than pressure washing.
If you’re paint is peeling or fading—soft washing will not fix this but if it’s turning black or green it will. All-Serv has saved many homeowners thousands of dollars because they thought their home was in need of a new paint job. Customers tell us commonly that after soft washing, their house looks like it was just painted. If you are hiring a painter or painting yourself, soft washing is the best surface preparation you can do prior to any painting project. All-Serv can restore the ugly paint on your home or prep the surfaces before painting.
Soft washing requires highly specialized equipment. Setting up one of our trucks can exceed 50 thousand dollars in equipment. All of our machines are truck mounted units. These truck mount systems, along with an onboard water tank allow operators to wash up to 4 stories from the ground. All systems have backup systems in case something breaks. Using store bought exterior home cleaners can cause window pitting, damage plants, burn skin and eyes. Soft washing a home is not a DIY type of job. Call All-Serv today and save yourself the aggravation and the possible risk of personal injury.

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