Commercial Roof Cleaning Services

The All Serv roof cleaning company is your trusted leader in commercial roof cleaning services, with over 35 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves in applying our expertise using professional roof cleaning equipment to serve businesses throughout Whidbey Island and Skagit County. Our work upholds local and state safety standards while demonstrating strong attention to detail and industry-leading best practices. This is why we provide a lifetime warranty of all composition roof cleanings that no moss, algae, or lichen will grow back.

Safeguarding Your Business with Professional Roof Cleaning Services

We understand that the next most important thing after your business is the building that protects it, and your rooftop is its first line of defense. Oftentimes, dirt and debris will conceal more severe issues with your roof that require attention. Commercial roof cleaning helps with spotting common problems, like:

  • exposed or weakened seams
  • brittle spots
  • water damage
  • puncture marks
  • and any other kind of surface-level degradation

Something as simple as a routine commercial roof cleaning can prevent thousands of dollars in repairs and even save you from an early roof replacement.

Our Process

At All Serv safety is our number one priority, and we ensure best practices by using specialized equipment to thoroughly clean a commercial roof of any size. To keep our crew safe, we use a truck-mounted high volume rinsing machine and a soft wash system to apply washing solution and rinse each crevice of your roof. We also soft wash from our aerial lift with an 85 foot boom and tieoff point, eliminating the risk of falling injured to steep or slippery rooftops. It’s extremely to important us that all people who maintain roofing systems take every precaution possible to stay safe on the job, so these practices, for us, is an evident choice.

Apartment roofs after commercial roof cleaning

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