Professional Metal Roof Cleaning

The All Serv roof cleaning company offers expert metal roof cleaning services throughout Skagit County and Whidbey Island. Sturdy but surprisingly prone to fading and discoloration, metal roofs require an experienced roof cleaning company in order to preserve their like-new appearance, and most importantly their whole integrity. We have the experience, the equipment, and the gusto to provide a thorough cleaning that leaves metal roofs looking good as new.

Since 1985, we have provided exterior home cleaning services. Since then, our expertise has grown and our cleaning equipment has become more thorough and specialized, making us the company to give any roof a thorough washing. To preserve the form, function, and like-new look of your Western Washington metal roof, call (360) 341-3383 or contact us online.

Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing Metal Roofs

Metal roofing comes in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, each requiring different techniques for a thorough cleaning while preserving the appearance, and most importantly the integrity, of the roof. In addition, as a metal roof ages, if the material has begun to fade, rust, or oxidize, pressure washing can cause streaks and discoloration to form.

Although pressure washing is a valid option for some metal roofs, the All Serv roof cleaning company prefers soft washing in the majority of cases in order to protect the roof while also providing a thorough cleaning.

The Soft Washing Process for Metal Roofs

The All Serv team follows a strict process of soft washing:

  • A formulated cleaning solution is applied to the surface of the roof.

  • The roof is hand-scrubbed with a soft-bristled brush in order to remove any dirt and grime as well as green algae, lichen and roof moss.

  • The roof is thoroughly rinsed in order to remove all traces of the cleaning solution, keeping your roof looking like new.

Metal Roof Cleaning Safety

In order to thoroughly soft wash a roof of any size, specialized equipment is needed. Our roof cleaning company uses a truck-mounted high volume rinsing machine and a soft wash system to apply our soft washing solution. To keep our crew safe, the roof is washed from an aerial lift, washing and rinsing the roof from all angles with their feet firmly planted on a solid surface. All Serv’s aerial lift has a 85 foot boom and can also be used as a tie off point. We highly recommend that anyone who washes, rinses, or otherwise maintains a roof takes the utmost safety precautions. Metal roofs are particularly slippery and often steep, making safety a priority for all involved.

Advantages of Professional Metal Roof Cleaning

  • Thorough cleaning with professional tools
  • Knowledge and expertise in caring for common and uncommon roofing materials
  • Less risk injury and damage to the home with proper training and safety gear

For metal roof cleaning and other exterior cleaning services, call (360) 341-3383 or contact us online anytime!

Metal roof before and after results of a Washington professional power washing companyMetal roof before and after results of a Washington professional power washing companyMetal roof before and after results of a Washington professional power washing companyMetal roof before and after results of a Washington professional power washing company

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