Flat Roof Cleaning

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Specialized Flat Roof Cleaning

Whereas slanted roofing systems have more elevated slopes and overlapping shingles or tiles to runoff water easily, flat roofing systems are flat– or otherwise have significantly shallow slopes. Because of this, flat roofs are more prone to debris, water accumulation, and growth. Flat roofs require specialized cleaning care, and All Serv has both the knowledge and tools to provide a flat roof cleaning service that will best serve your roofing system. With our accumulative expertise in the field, we provide a lifetime warranty of all composition roof cleanings, including flat roof cleaning, that no moss, algae, or lichen will grow back.


3 Signs its Time For A Flat Roof Cleaning Service

  1. Clogged Drains. Like a gutter system typically found on residential homes or other slanted roof systems, a flat roof’s slight slope leads to a draining system. The two are no different when considering the importance of keeping gutters and drains clean. If you notice water pooling over the areas where your drains are located, your drains are likely obstructed by debris. You’ll need a flat roof cleaning right away to prevent unnecessary water pressure, which has the potential to damage or even break through your roof.
  2. Piles of Detritus. Over time, tree limbs, fallen leaves, needles, and other debris will naturally collect on roofs. When you notice an amass of detritus atop your building, it’s a good sign that it’s time for a routine flat roof cleaning service. This maintenance thwarts puddles and possible damage from moss and algae growth.
  3. Rips and Punctures. Your flat roof is shielded from moisture by its protective membrane, which lasts about 25 years from installation. Notably, the regular rainfall, hail, and snow in the Pacific Northwest can shorten that lifespan. A routine flat roof cleaning will help prevent build-up from causing more severe damage. We recommend keeping a lookout for any tears or punctures on the surface of your roof because they can hinder the effectiveness of your flat roof’s moisture-resistant membrane and, in worse cases, lead to leaks.

How We Handle Flat Roof Cleaning

Flat roofs can comprise many materials, like TPO, PVC, or particular types of rubber or foam, and they contain a protective membrane, which takes the grunt of the damage on your rooftop. Though it’s a shield from exposure and debris, the membrane is still delicate, so soft washing is the only method that should ever be performed. 

At All Serv, our crew uses a truck-mounted high-volume rinsing machine and soft washing system to wash all the roofing systems we serve safely. In addition, our aerial lift has an 85-foot boom, which we use as a tie-off point when necessary to protect our team from slip-and-falls. We make a point to prioritize the safety of our team alongside the security and integrity of your flat roofing system.

Choose All Serv for Your Flat Roof Cleaning Needs

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