All Serv’s
Complete Cleaning Packages


Without a doubt the best value is All-Serv’s total cleaning packages. With a combination of state-of-the-art equipment and highly experienced operators/technicians we can clean most exterior surfaces on your property. IF IT CAN BE CLEANED – ALL-SERV CAN CLEAN IT!

An average day for an All-Serv’s truck and crew starts with clearing debris such as limbs, leaves, and needles from your roof. Any moss on the roof will be removed by hand NOT pressure washed. All-Serv will then clean and wash out gutters and downspouts. Once the gutters are cleaned, we can begin to soft wash the roof. WE DON’T PRESSURE WASH FIBERGLASS COMPOSITION ROOFS EVER!! If the exterior of your brick or stone chimney needs attention, we can generally pressure wash these items. Any wood trim, chimney chases, or taller portions of the house will then be soft washed NOT pressure washed. Moving to the ground – All-Serv will then soft wash the rest of the house. All porches, overhangs, eves, soffits, and trim are always included. Decks, steps, railings, and fences that need cleaning can be done at this time. All Serv will then detail any trim, spot clean, professionally clean all glass, windows, skylights and solar panels. Any driveways, sidewalks, or other hard flat surfaces will be pressure washed last. All-Serv can start at the top of your house and continue cleaning all the way down to the street. We always, I mean ALWAYS pick up any messes. Any outdoor furniture, BBQ, potted plants or other movable items that were removed to perform the cleaning are replaced. All-Serv always completes a final detail and walks around with the customer to make sure everything was completed to their satisfaction. All-Serv can make a custom exterior cleaning package to meet your budget and needs.

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